1090 Fishing Mapp

Application to help you discover new fishing destinations and plan more successful fishing trips!

Fishing destinations and Hot Spots

Find new fishing destinations and Hot Spots! You can also share information about your favorite locations to other users. Fishing destinations uploaded by fellow 1090 users are available to all for free. You can also find location specific Hot Spots and fishing tips. Premium subscription will unlock all the content created by 1090 Pro Team. Join now!

Browser-Based Application

1090 Fishing Mapp is a Browser-Based web application. Instead of downloading it from an app store, you can access the app through your web browser, either with your mobile device or desktop computer. You can install the application to the home screen of your mobile device, after which you can access it like any other mobile application. Please find more information from the Instructions page.


Are you looking for a new fishing destination? Do you want to improve your odds of catching fish? 1090 application provides fishing destinations and fishing services conveniently on a map. From the app you can also find location specific Hot Spot information and detailed fishing tips.


Thousands of anglers are looking for new and interesting fishing destinations. Do you have a destination in mind, which you would like to share with your fellow anglers? You can add it to the 1090 map. We will grant you a one-month Premium subscription for each destination you add.


Just by naming the destination and adding it to the map, you help the destination to grow and develop. We can support with further content creation if needed. Sharing information about a fishing destination and local services will naturally gain popularity and visitors for the destination. More customers mean more possibilities for future destination development.


Most of the Hot Spot descriptions are made by our Pro Team. Our skilled Pro Team members include for example 2019, 2018 and 2015 Finnish National Champion Mikko Räsänen and 2019 Finnish Youth National Champion Elias Orava. We are looking for new Pro Team members to grow the overall scope. Do you know a fishing destination and would like to share your knowledge? Please contact us by e-mail and we will inform how you could be rewarded.

Earn an Upgrade to Premium

By upgrading to Premium subscription, you can unlock all the Hot Spots and fishing tips created by our skilled 1090 Pro Team. You can pay by credit card in the application. Premium subscription costs 4,99 € per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Please note that you can also earn a free month of Premium subscription by creating content to the application. Go ahead! Add a fishing destination to the map and enjoy all the content shared by other anglers. Further instructions for content creation can be found from here.

Browser-Based Application

Please note that our application is browser-based and so it cannot be found from app stores. You can access the application directly by clicking the link above.

You can install the application to the home screen of your mobile device, after which you can access it like any other mobile application. Please note that adding the application to your home screen will improve the usability of the application. For example, browser navigation bars will not be visible anymore, which will give you better view of the app. Further instructions for adding the application to you home screen can be found from here.

Fishing travel Companies and Professionals

Are you operating a fishing destination? Are you offering accommodation or restaurant services in a fishing destination or nearby? Are you a fishing guide? And most importantly, do you want to reach anglers around the world?

Our application is a platform where you can reach thousands of potential fishing travel customers. Make sure that your services can be found from the app.

Please contact [email protected] and let’s discuss, if we can find further ways to support you.